Friends of the Cam stands in solidarity with Save Honey Hill

  • Posted on: 30 January 2024
  • By: Susan
Honey Hill Green Belt site threatened with waste water treatment plant

The Public Inquiry on the relocation of Milton waste water treatment plant is entering its 3rd phase. Save Honey Hill is exposing the weakness of Anglian Water's case, but needs to raise money to retain their impressive legal representation. If you can, please donate here

The 'Growth, Growth, Growth at all costs' agenda in Cambridge is alienating more and more residents in Cambridge and surrounding villages. Those in housing need do not benefit from the building which is mostly speculative, and often marketed overseas. High profile campaigns such as 'Save Honey Hill' and 'Save Coton Orchard' point out how environmentally UNsustainable development proposals are, while developments that do get through, do so on questionable grounds. The Environment Agency is now unable to give the assurance that planners need to go ahead with new developments on the grounds that there is insufficient water in Cambridgeshire to supply this growth. Friends of the Cam believe that if we can unite together then we have a better chance to challenge this growth in one of the most vulnerable parts of the country (precious and imperiled chalk streams and Fens, inadequate water, danger of inundation due to sea level rise, and valuable agricultural land).