Landscape Architect, Kim Wilkie, talks to Friends of the Cam about developing a landscape strategy for the Cam so the nature and people benefit.


Rivers Campaigner and ex Undertones singer, Feargal Sharkey, talks to Friends of the Cam about our chalk streams in crisis.


Letter from Environment Agency stating that current levels of abstraction are causing environmental damage


The Environment Agency publishes weekly reports on rainfall and river flow in England for the last 3 months here

You can download Environment Agency monthly local reports on rainfall, soil moisture deficit, river flows, groundwater levels and reservoir levels here

The Rivers Trust has a map that shows recorded sewage discharges here

The National Audit Office reported on the effectiveness of water resource management plans (WRMPs) produced by water companies here

Stantec Report 

The Stantec Report was a Greater Cambridge Local Plan Strategic Spatial Options Assessment Integrated Water Management Study on behalf of Greater Cambridge Shared Planning, published November 2020.