The Oxcam Arc with David Rogers

  • Posted on: 28 April 2021
  • By: monica

The OxCam Arc: An Environmental Catastrophe with Professor David Rogers

The Arc involves five counties from Oxford to Cambridge that have been selected by central government for massive growth in buildings and infrastructure totally unjustified by national population growth. It will benefit the developers including Oxford and Cambridge Universities, estate agents, investors and the Treasury but not the vast majority of the 3 million people in the area or fragmented and concreted nature. It will embody a huge increase in carbon emissions and threatens the survival of our rivers and streams through overabstraction and pollution. David Rogers, Professor of Ecology, University of Oxford and secretary of the successful No Expressway Campaign, talks about the origins of t he Arc and its consequences. He says it is is "for the money not the view".

The Oxford-Cambridge Arc; An Environmental Catastrophe - with Professor David Rogers