Pure Clean Water

  • Posted on: 23 November 2023
  • By: Susan

Friends of the Cam was delighted to host Tony Eva's award winning new film, 'Pure Clean Water', in December. The film demonstrates how the Cam and its tributaries - a rare chalk stream system - have been exploited to the brink of extinction. The film played to a full house of people who are increasingly concerned about the impact of growth on the river system, as well as on green belt land, farming and people's wellbeing in general.

PURE CLEAN WATER was voted the Golden Punt Best Documentary Feature at the 42nd Cambridge Film Festival in October 2023. It tells how for 250 years a chalk stream, diverted into the town centre, provided Cambridge with drinking water. It was a hugely successful public health initiative, supported by both town and university. Now, pumping from underground chalk aquifers brings potable water at great convenience. But in the process springs are drying up and precious chalk streams are disappearing.

"A superb documentary which every developer, politician and consumer should watch. Unmissable!" Mike Scialom, Cambridge Independent